Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garlic Bread Recipie

Garlic is possibly a super food when it comes to lowering cholesterol. I'm not keen on swallowing a whole clove every day like my doctor ordered. As I was making pasta yesterday (wheat pasta of course), I decided to try garlic bread. In the past I've just bought the baguettes that they sell in the supermarket. They are very large and always have far too much butter in them.

So here is how I do it:

Simply grate or crush some garlic. I didn't have a crusher but grating did the job just fine. Then mix with your low fat margarine of choice. I'm using a low fat olive oil based spread, but there are spreads with cholesterol lowering ingredients which may be better.

Spread the mixture over your chosen bread, just like you would normally spread butter. I have been using a small French wheat loaf called a "batard". This is excellent toasted thinly.

The key is to grill it long enough that the garlic cooks a little. Otherwise it can taste raw (bitter). So it is essential that the garlic is in tiny pieces- chopping it won't work. Avoid any old garlic that has the green stem forming inside, as that contributes to the bitterness.

I'll add a photo next time I make it. This is such an easy thing to do and feels so much healthier than the store bough garlic breads.

I've also been using the toasted "batard" loaf for spreading salmon mixed with low fat mayo, dill and a squeeze of lemon. Then topped with thinly sliced cucumber. This makes a perfect snack and Salmon is great for us who want to lower our cholesterol, as it is full of the "good fat" omega 3.